New INTERSPEECH paper 🇮🇪
New INTERSPEECH paper! In the collaboration work with Amazon Alexa AI, we introduce a dialogue state tracking model tuning less than 1% of LM parameters and achieves better low-resource performance with prompt tuning techniques.
Presenting at AKBC 2022 🇬🇧
In HyperVC, we use hyperbolic models with variable curvature to learn representations of temporal knowledge graphs for future fact prediction.
Presenting at EMNLP 2021 🇩🇴
New EMNLP Findings paper. In HyperExpan, we use a more expressive hyperbolic space for taxonomy expansion.
Presenting at NAACL 2021 🌎
We present our demo system EventPlus at NAACL 2021, the live system and code is released. Check it out!