• CS32 Introduction to Computer Science II Discussion
  • CS35L Software Construction Discussion

    Table of Contents TA Office Hours Discussion Notes Discussion: Friday 2pm-4pm at Boelter Hall 2444 TA: Mingyu Derek Ma TA Office Hours Tuesday 5pm-7pm on Zoom (you could find the Zoom link on BruinLearn) Discussion Notes Slides for some discussion sessions:

  • CS188 Natural Language Processing Discussion

    Slides for some discussion sessions: Week Content Materials Week 3 Set up Google Cloud compute instances with GPUs Slides Week 5 Transformers objectives: next word prediction, masked language modeling and next sentence prediction Slides Week 10 Hidden Markov models and the Viterbi algorithm, word vectors (word2vec, skip-gram and continuous bag-of-words models) Slides

  • CS31 Introduction to Computer Science I Discussion

    Table of Contents TA Office Hours LA Office Hours Announcements and Updates Discussion Notes Week 1: Oct 1, 2021 Week 2: Oct 8, 2021 Week 3: Oct 15, 2021 Week 4: Oct 22, 2021 Week 5: Oct 29, 2021 Week 6: Nov 5, 2021 Week 7: Nov 12, 2021 Week 8: Nov 19, 2021 Week 9: Nov 26, 2021 Week 10: Dec 3, 2021 Resources Discussion: Friday 2pm-4pm at Geology 3656 TA: Mingyu Derek Ma (mdma at ucla.