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(2018). Dual Memory Network Model for Biased Product Review Classification. To appear in EMNLP 9th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis.

Project: dupmn | PDF Code Poster Slides

(2018). cate2vec: Learning Numerical Representations of Categorical Symbols by Adversarially Encoding Attribute Associations. Under review.

(2018). A Sentiment Analysis Method to Better Utilize User Profile and Product Information. Bachelor Thesis (Capstone Project Report).

Project: dupmn | Poster Slides Video PolyU Research Archive

(2018). BlocHIE: a BLOCkchain-based platform for Healthcare Information Exchange. In Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP).

Project: ai3 | PDF IEEE Xplore

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Considering user profile and product information in biased product review classification: A Dual Memory Network Model

Utilized dual memory network to classify biased product reviews, one for user profile and one for product information; Achived best sentiment analysis accuracy, MAE and RMSE in Yelp and IMDB datasets
> Supervised by Prof. Qin Lu

Real-time Grading Solution for Engineering Computation Course at MIT

Real-time grading system for programming courses; Consists of a Visual Studio Code extension, a grading API and a web portal; Being utilized in the MIT 1.00 Engineering Computation course
> Supervised by Dr Abel Sanchez

Using Blockchain for Big Data Sharing: Application-Independent Information Infrastructure

Blockchain-based distributed big data sharing platform for Huawei Inc.; Two papers published in this project; Demo system is constructed to validate patterns
> Supervised by Prof. Jiannong Cao

Let Computer Vision Be The Eye: "Sense+" For the Visually Impaired

A PWA based on Computer Vision technologies powered by object detection model built using TensorFlow and Microsoft Cognitive Services; Support natural language commands and responses; Collaborated with Hong Kong Blind Union
Links: 🔗 Website | 🔗 PolyU Oustanding Works by Students Archive

2nd Hand Container Turned to Library: "Tech for Development" Carbon Neutral Learning Center @ Cambodia

The first library for local primary school using a second-hand container; Self-sustainable with solar power; Built by a self-initiated service team from HK and the US

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