Mingyu Derek Ma

Mingyu Derek Ma

PhD Candidate

    UCLA Computer Science
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I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at UCLA working with Prof. Wei Wang. I’m currently a research intern at Genentech Prescient Design.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computing from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with First Class Honours in 2018, advised by Prof. Qin Lu and Prof. Jiannong Cao. I studied as an exchange student at the University of Maryland in 2016. I’ve also spent time at Amazon Alexa AI (working with Dr. Jiun-Yu Kao and Dr. Tagyoung Chung), USC Information Sciences Institute (working with Prof. Nanyun (Violet) Peng and Prof. Muhao Chen), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (working with Prof. Helen Meng), UC Santa Cruz (working with Prof. Marilyn Walker) and MIT (working with Dr. Abel Sanchez and Prof. John R. Williams).

I’m interested in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and AI4Science. My research focuses on generative language models, especially in the clinical, medical, and science domains:

Recent News

New preprint on LLM ownership protection
In InstructionalFingerprint, we present a pilot study on LLM fingerprinting as a form of very lightweight instruction tuning. Model publisher specifies a confidential private key and implants it as an instruction backdoor that causes the LLM to generate specific text when the key is present. Results on 11 popularly-used LLMs showed that this approach is lightweight and does not affect the normal behavior of the model. It also prevents publisher overclaim, maintains robustness against fingerprint guessing and parameter-efficient training, and supports multi-stage fingerprinting akin to MIT License.
New preprint on bias mitigation
In BMBI, we propose to mitigate bias exhibited in QA models by observing the query instance’s influence on another instance, enabling bias mitigation with extremely low resources. With our method, bias levels in multiple bias categories can be reduced without using category-specific instance-level annotation.


New! CliBench: Multifaceted Evaluation of Large Language Models in Clinical Decisions on Diagnoses, Procedures, Lab Tests Orders and Prescriptions
New! Memorize and Rank: Elevating Large Language Models for Clinical Diagnosis Prediction
New! A Systematic Evaluation of Decoding-Free Generative Candidate Selection Methods
New! MuirBench: A Comprehensive Benchmark for Robust Multi-image Understanding
New! Improving Event Definition Following For Zero-Shot Event Detection
New! Mitigating Bias for Question Answering Models by Tracking Bias Influence
New! Instructions as Backdoors: Backdoor Vulnerabilities of Instruction Tuning for Large Language Models
New! Instructional Fingerprinting of Large Language Models
STAR: Boosting Low-Resource Information Extraction by Structure-to-Text Data Generation with Large Language Models
MIDDAG: Where Does Our News Go? Investigating Information Diffusion via Community-Level Information Pathways
Decoding Susceptibility: Modeling Misbelief to Misinformation Through a Computational Approach
DICE: Data-Efficient Clinical Event Extraction with Generative Models
Can NLI Provide Proper Indirect Supervision for Low-resource Biomedical Relation Extraction?
Multi-hop Evidence Retrieval for Cross-document Relation Extraction
Parameter-Efficient Low-Resource Dialogue State Tracking by Prompt Tuning
Summarization as Indirect Supervision for Relation Extraction
Bending the Future: Autoregressive Modeling of Temporal Knowledge Graphs in Curvature-Variable Hyperbolic Spaces
HyperExpan: Taxonomy Expansion with Hyperbolic Representation Learning
EventPlus: A Temporal Event Understanding Pipeline
Dual Memory Network Model for Sentiment Analysis of Review Text
Implicit Discourse Relation Identification for Open-domain Dialogues
Dual Memory Network Model for Biased Product Review Classification
BlocHIE: a BLOCkchain-based platform for Healthcare Information Exchange

Curriculum Vitae




  • Outstanding Project Award - Best Capstone Project Award Competition, PolyU Dept. of Computing (1/100) , 2018

    PolyU Computing News

  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund Talent Development Scholarship , 2018
  • Silver Award - Hong Kong ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Awards (website | wiki) Student Innovation Award (Tertiary or Above), Hong Kong Government , 2018

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  • Champion and Most Innovative Award (HKSAR) - Imagine Cup (website | wiki), Microsoft , 2017
  • Commercial Radio 50th Anniversary Scholarship, Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited & PolyU (1/400) , 2017
  • Winner - Hong Kong Techathon, PolyU and City University of Hong Kong , 2018

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  • CMA (The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong) & Donors Scholarship (3/100) , 2018
  • Champion - PolyU Smart Computing Competition (website) , 2017

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  • Best Creative Service Project - Youth Volunteer Service Conference (website) , 2017

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  • PolyU Undergraduate Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship , 2017
  • PolyU Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund , 2016
  • Wong Tit-Shing Student Exchange Scholarship , 2016
  • PolyU Exchange Scholarship , 2016
  • Teaching

  • Teaching Associate, Bridge2AI ENABLE Scholar Program, a NIH-Funded program for health practitioner on AI and machine learning (Winter and Spring 2023)
  • Teaching Associate, CS32 Introduction to Computer Science II (Summer 2023) with Prof. Edwin Ambrosio, UCLA
  • Teaching Assistant, Data Science for ALL, an ICS NSF-Funded summer program for high-school students on data science and machine learning (Summer 2023), UC Irvine & UCLA
  • Teaching Assistant, CS35L Software Construction (Spring 2023) with Prof. Paul Eggert, UCLA
  • Teaching Assistant, CS188 Natural Language Processing (Winter 2022, later became CS162) with Prof. Nanyun (Violet) Peng, UCLA
  • Teaching Assistant, CS31 Introduction to Computer Science I (Fall 2021) with Prof. David Smallberg, UCLA