I’m currently a PhD student at ISI and Department of Computer Science of USC. I work at the PLUS lab advised by Dr. Nanyun Peng. Before coming to USC, I graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science in Computing and worked at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My main research interest is Natural Language Processing (NLP).






Considering user profile and product information in biased product review classification: A Dual Memory Network Model

Utilized dual memory network to classify biased product reviews, one for user profile and one for product information; Achived best …

Let Computer Vision Be The Eye: “Sense+” For the Visually Impaired

A PWA based on Computer Vision technologies powered by object detection model built using TensorFlow and Microsoft Cognitive Services; …

Real-time Grading Solution for Engineering Computation Course at MIT

Real-time grading system for programming courses; Consists of a Visual Studio Code extension, a grading API and a web portal; Being …

2nd Hand Container Turned to Library: “Tech for Development” Carbon Neutral Learning Center @ Cambodia

The first library for local primary school using a second-hand container; Self-sustainable with solar power; Built by a self-initiated …

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Honors & Awards

  • Champion and Most Innovative Award (HKSAR) - Imagine Cup (website | wiki), Microsoft, 2017: HKD30k (~USD3.8k)
  • Outstanding Project Award - Best Capstone Project Award Competition, PolyU Dept. of Computing, 2018: only one in the Dept. of Computing, HKD5.5k (~USD700)
  • Silver Award - Hong Kong ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Awards (website | wiki) Student Innovation Award (Tertiary or Above), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong Government, 2018
  • Commercial Radio 50th Anniversary Scholarship, Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited & PolyU, 2017: only 1 in the Dept. of Computing
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund Talent Development Scholarship, Hong Kong Government, 2018: HKD10k (~USD1.3k)
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  • Winner - Hong Kong Techathon (website), PolyU and City University of Hong Kong, 2018
  • Graduate Representative for Valedictory Speech - PolyU 24th Congregation COMP Session, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2018
  • Champion - PolyU Smart Computing Competition (website), PolyU Dept. of Computing, 2017: HKD9k (~USD1.2k)
  • Best Creative Service Project - Youth Volunteer Service Conference (website), Agency for Volunteer Service of Hong Kong Government (website), 2017
  • CMA (The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong) & Donors Scholarship, CMA & PolyU, 2018: only 3 in the Dept. of Computing
  • UG Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship, PolyU International Affairs Office, 2017: HKD50k (~USD6.4k)
  • Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund, PolyU Office of Student Development, 2016: HKD6k (~USD760)
  • Wong Tit-Shing Student Exchange Scholarship, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2016: HKD33k (~USD4.2k)
  • PolyU Exchange Scholarship, PolyU Faculty of Engineering, 2016: HKD17k (~USD2.1k)
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  • PolyU Subjects’ Materials Archive: Including projects, homeworks, assignments and review materials for my undergraduate subjects at PolyU
  • I’m from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the P. R. China
  • Inner Mongolia in Mongolian language